4 Tips to take care of your roll-up door


Whether you have purchased janus doors, or any other brand, we only remember to maintain the roll-up door when it gets damaged or starts to give problems. However, there are many useful tips to take care of your rolling door while you are using it.

Regardless of the make, model or price of the roll-up door you have purchased, its lifespan will depend on that, but also on the maintenance and care you give it. Like anything, if something is not cleaned periodically, it will stop working.

Roll-up doors are no exception, especially when in constant use, and even when hardly used at all, as lack of use also often causes them to get stuck when they are not properly lubricated.

Although they use an advanced mechanical and automatic system, the truth is that you don’t need to be an engineer to be able to give them the maintenance they need. Here are some tips on how to take care of your roll-up door that will come in handy.

1. Lubrication is important

Don’t wait for the roll-up door to start creaking or rattling. The entire sliding system of these doors have parts like hinges and tracks that need to be lubricated to function properly.

These parts are the main parts of the door that you need to lubricate to prevent wear and noise. In the market you will find lubricants specially manufactured for this type of doors or you can also use petroleum jelly or grease.

However, spray lubricant is the best option, so we recommend using this product. Besides the fact that it is more durable, it is much lighter and does not harden, compared to grease and petroleum jelly.

2. Prevents Moisture

Many roll-up doors that are installed outdoors are exposed to rain. Moisture and water can cause the door to break down, so it is recommended to make sure that no water gets into the door tracks or cables in case it is automatic.

One way to avoid this, is to install the roll-up doors under a facade roof or ceiling. If this is not the case, you can seal open spaces where water can enter with silicone or a similar product.

3. Prevent animals from entering

Have you noticed that mouse traps are placed near roll-up doors? This is because sometimes mice or rodents get inside the tracks of the roll-up door or in the motor part when they are automatic.

These entrances must be sealed to prevent not only small rodents, but also insects or small lizards from entering.

4. Check the remote controls

If your roll-up door is automatic and you control it remotely, then you use a remote. Make sure you have several of them in case one gets damaged, and check it periodically to see if it needs new batteries.

These remotes also come in ranges, so if you need to open your roll-up door from a long distance, make sure you buy a quality one. This way you won’t have to hit the button as many times to get it to open.


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