Is aivituvin cat house a good choice for your cat?


A cat house is a necessity for your cat if it likes to spend time roaming around the gardens. A cheap cat house can provide a good resting spot for your cat but it doesn’t offer the utmost protection. Aivituvin offers you high-quality and durable cat houses. They not only provide sanctuary to the cats but also protect them from predators and extreme weather changes. You can click here to buy a cat house of your choice

The following benefits of aivituvin cat houses will help you decide if they are a good choice for your cat.

Provides insulation and comfort:

Aivituvin cat houses never fail to keep your cat insulated and warm. They make your cat feel comfortable because of their design. You can take the replaceable bottom PVC layer out easily for cleaning purposes.

Provides ventilation:

Aivituvin wood cat houses contain small windows that provide the passage of air in and out of the house. This is necessary for proper ventilation. There is no chance that your cat have suffocation inside. Metal catios have grille-like walls which offer maximum ventilation.

A good play-place:

Aivituvin cat houses are available with multiple exciting features. Some cat houses contain small hideouts where your cat can play hide and seek. Some cats find joy in climbing up and down the stairs. Aivituvin can also provide you with a cat house that includes stairs. Thus, they can be a good source of entertainment for your cat.

Variety of cat houses:

Aivituvin cat houses come in different varieties. From small one-room houses to extravagant multiple-room houses, they provide every kind of cat house. Besides large outside catios, they also provide small cat beds for the cats which like to stay inside. Depending upon what suits best to your cat, you can buy it a small or a big cat house.


If your cat loves to hang out outside, then Aivituvin is there for you with its weather-resistant cat houses. In the heavy rain, it will protect your cat from catching a cold. Aivituvin cat houses offer asphalt roofing which is water-resistant and guides the flow of water away from the enclosure. Their cat houses are also ultraviolet resistant which protects the cat from the intense heat of the sun.

In winters, cats can take sunbathe while lying down on the roof. The roof is properly fenced to protect the cat from falling off the roof. These cat houses also protect the cat from severe windstorms and sandstorms. In fact, drastic weather changes do not affect the top quality of Aivituvin cat houses. They last up to more than 23 years.

Easily moveable:

4 wheel outdoor cat houses are also available at Aivituvin. You can move them easily from one place to the other. It is a great convenience if your cat doesn’t like to sit in one place.


If you are planning to buy a good cat house, you must do a little internet surfing. It will ensure the solace and shelter of your cat. Aivituvin cat houses provide your cat with all the luxury and comfort they need.


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