The Best Stuffed Toys for Different Ages


It can be tough to decide the best stuffed toy for your child. Should you get them something practical like a stuffed animal horse or something they can use their imagination with, like a plain teddy bear? It depends on your child’s age and what they are looking for in a stuffed toy. Here is a breakdown of the best stuffed toys for different ages:

Babies (0-6 months)

When it comes to stuffed toys for babies, you want something safe for them to chew on that won’t fall apart easily. Look for something made from soft fabric and filled with Hypoallergenic stuffing. Also, it’s essential to choose one that is soft and cuddly. Babies love animals that they can snuggle up to, so a toy that is small enough to fit in their arms is ideal. One of our favorites is the Manhattan ToyCompany’s Winkel Rattle and Teether. It’s perfect for little hands to grab onto and has a built-in teether and rattle.

Toddlers (6-36 months)

Toddlers are at the age where they are starting to explore the world around them, and their stuffed toys should reflect that. Look for durable toys that can stand up to being dragged around everywhere. Another thing to consider is if the toy makes any noise, as toddlers are fascinated by noises. Furthermore, toddlers are attracted to stuffed animals that are brightly colored. They also like animals they can sit on or ride, so a plushie horse or elephant might be a good choice. Stuffies with removable parts (such as eyes or limbs) are also popular with toddlers, who enjoy taking them off and returning them. One of our favorite choices for toddlers is The Bridge Direct’s Stuffies Extremely Durable Plush line; they are super soft but can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Kids (3-10 years)

At this age, kids are starting to use their imaginations, and their stuffed toys should be able to keep up with them. Look for toys that can be used in multiple ways, like dolls that can turn into princesses or animals. Another thing to consider is if the toy can help with learning, like teaching numbers or shapes. They may prefer an animal they can relate to, such as a dog or cat, or one that represents their favorite character from a movie or T.V. show. It’s also essential to choose a stuffing material that is durable and washable. One of our top picks for kids is M.G.A. Entertainment’s L.O.L. Surprise! Girls because they come with multiple outfit options and accessories as well as a learning card with each doll.


No matter your child’s age, there is a perfect stuffed toy for them. Remember what interests them and what will hold their attention the longest when making your decision. Keeping these guidelines in mind allows you to narrow down your choices and find the perfect plushie for your little one. If you’re unsure, one of these three options will be a hit!


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