Simple Guide on How to Iron on Patches on Hoodies


Patches are attractive decorations for your hoodies. They make a bold statement when displaying your favorite band. Ironing patches on hoodies is an excellent way to express your personality, and they also come in handy when you want to hide torn or damaged spots on your sweatshirt.

One important thing to note is that iron-on patches don’t stick to all types of materials. It will not attach to any slippery material like silk, nylon, rayon, or leather. Polyester, cotton, denim, and cambric are some of the best materials for ironing patches.

Let’s learn how to iron on patches on hoodies and make sure they stay in place even after many washes.

1. Prepare the hoodie you are going to patch

The first thing to check is if your hoodie material is suitable for ironing. The fabric needs to be heavy as the patch. Place your hoodie on a flat surface, and check for creases or anything that may affect how the patch will attach.

Try placing the patch in different positions on the hoodie to see where it looks appealing to you. The patches cannot come off once ironed, so it’s essential to be sure it’s ironed where you want. You can even pin it and check on the mirror to confirm if you like the position.

2. Heat the iron to the highest temperature

Safety is vital before dealing with hot objects. Make sure kids are nowhere near the work area and protect yourself from accidental burns by putting on protective gloves. Set your iron to the maximum heat setting and let it get sweltering hot for the patch to attach correctly.

3. Place an extra cloth between the patch and the iron

Place your patch where you have decided it looks good, and cover it with a thin cloth like a sheet, pillowcase, or an old t-shirt. This is done to prevent the patch material from burning because of too much heat from the iron.

4. Position the iron over the patch and press it

Press the iron over the patch with downward force and let it stay there for 10-15 seconds without moving. Remove the for 5 seconds and repeat the process a few times until the patch is attached. Make sure the patch doesn’t move because it might go where you did not want it to be.

5. Flip the hoodie and iron from the inside

When you are through with the previous step, the patch should be firmly attached, but to make it more secure, flip the hoodie inside out and iron it the same way you did, removing the iron after a few seconds.

After you’re done, let the patch cool down completely before wearing it.

In summary

The possibilities are endless now that you know how to iron on patches on hoodies. To make your patch more secure, you can sew around the edges. Patches come in many designs and can be customized according to your own taste.

You can start a side gig by patching your friends’ hoodies with just an iron box and patches.


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